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Because information fluency skills are integrated across the curriculum and are at the heart of what we teach in our libraries, NYCSLS has provided our school library personnel with some of the tools and resources to create authentic assessments for our students.

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Assessment Update June 25, 2007

More than two months ago we met to develop assessments for benchmark skills pulled from the Information Fluency Continuum (IFC). At the Assessment Development Sessions our task was two-fold: 1) to pull out from the IFC three or more benchmark skills for each grade and 2) to develop assessments for each of those benchmark skills. Well these two goals proved to be more complicated that we thought they would be when we planned this session. We concluded the session with some assessments but considerable disagreement on the benchmark skills.

Since that session in April we have been "massaging" the benchmark work. The documents on the Exit Benchmarks page are the benchmarks' most current incarnation. In future assessment development, please consult and correlate with these latest benchmarks. If you have questions, comments or suggestions related to these benchmarks, please use the discussion feature on this page (see tab at top of this page.)