• Analyzes electronic and print information to determine if it answers the inquiry question
  • Adjusts search strategies by comparing information gathered with the problem or question
  • Seeks and uses many different sources in a variety of formats to obtain balanced and complex information to obtain balanced and complex information and to fill information needs effectively
  • Either puts all information in own words or selects short segments to quote
  • Actively seeks different points of view and considers the effect on point of view on the facts and opinions presented.- Benchmarks 10th Grade
  • Considers merits of resources before choosing the best ones for the information needed- Benchmarks 10th Grade
  • Takes notes using one or more of a variety of note taking strategies, including reflection on the information (e.g., graphic organizers, two column notes)- Benchmarks 10th Grade
  • Pursues a balanced perspective by evaluating information based on authority, accuracy, point of view, and reliability - Benchmarks 11th Grade
  • Can use any electronic resources effectively to answer questions by applying search strategies- Benchmarks 12th Grade
    Article Evaluation Checklist
    Website evaluation Checklist
    Search Log Checklist

Contributed by Olga Nesi