12.1 Explores problems or questions for which there are multiple answers or no "best" answer.

12.2 Uses electronic resource effectively to answer question by applying search strategies.
  • Sample lesson with search revision chart - coming soon
  • Search log

12.3 Challenges ideas in text and makes notes of questions to pursue in additional sources.
  • Sample lesson with search revision chart - coming soon

12.4 Interprets information.

12.5 Presents complex ideas and original conclusions very effectively.

12.6 Participates in literary discussions and book clubs.

12.7 Understands text on both a literal and an abstract level.
12.8 Extends respect for intellectual property and copyright by giving credit for ideas as well as directly quoted material.

12.9 Builds conceptual framework by synthesizing ideas gathered from multiple texts.

12.10 Observes Internet safety procedures including safeguarding personal information.