9.1 Identifies key words and synonyms, both stated and implied, for topic and uses them to further research.

9.2 Develops a schema or mind map to express the big idea and the relationships among supporting ideas and topics of interest.

9.3 Conducts advanced Web searches using Boolean logic and other sophisticated search functions.

9.4 Takes notes using one or more of a variety of note taking strategies.

9.5 Recognizes relationships among ideas by using an outline or graphic organizer.

9.6 Cites all sources used according to style formats.
  • Notetaking worksheet - Social studies/Guiding questions - What makes a person great? What makes a person's impact on history significant?
  • Sample bibliography how-to sheet - MLA

9.7 Shares reading experiences in a variety of ways and formats.
9.8Seeks and locates information about personal interests and usually finds it independently.
9.9 Reads a variety of fiction and nonfiction materials.

9.10 Observes Internet safety procedures including safeguarding personal information.
9.11 Uses programs and Internet sites responsible, efficiently, and ethically.