10.1 Develops and refines the topic, problem, or question independently to arrive at a worthy and manageable topic.

10.2 Refines questions to provide a framework for the inquiry and to fulfill the purpose of the research.

10.3 Considers various points of view and the merits of resources before choosing the best ones for the information need.

10.4 Selects information carefully to give an accurate picture of the research topic

10.5 Expresses own ideas through creative products in a variety of formats.

10.6 Participates in literary discussions and book clubs
10.7 Reads to explore new ideas beyond the required curriculum.
10.8 Reads for pleasure, to learn, to solve problems, and to explore many different ideas.

10.9 Uses tools/Websites to collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts and other audiences.

10.10 Gives credit for all quotes, citing them properly in notes and bibliography.

10.11 Observes Internet safety procedures including safeguarding personal information.